About Mr. Kessie


I am Mr. Kessie, 5th grade teacher at Vista Elementary School. One of the neatest things for me about working at Vista is that this is the elementary school that I attended from Kindergarten through 4th grade. My 5th grade year was when Ridge View Elementary opened up, so I finished up my elementary school years as a Ridge View Coyote.

I have worked a total of over ten years in education, working for the 21st Century Program in Hawai’i, as a Lead Tutor/Instructor at Chiawana High School, and now at Vista as a 5th grade teacher. I believe that education can be exciting and enjoyable, as I try to show how the more we learn about the world around us, the more opportunities we have. I enjoy teaching students how to master themselves through self managing techniques, and to become self motivated in their own education. My hope is that students are so excited by what they learn, and their progress, that they want to share and connect with their home life.

About me personally, I have three children (and one on the way), a beautiful and supportive wife, and two furball kittens (Pikachu and Hobbes). I enjoy playing guitar, writing music, building and fixing computers, hiking, creating educational posters, remodeling and building, gardening, and video games. I grew up in Kennewick, graduating from Kamiakin High School. I have an undergraduate degree from BYU-Hawaii in Social Work, and a Master’s Degree in Teaching from Washington State University.

I love learning and growing, and look forward to the best year of my teaching career!

Mr. Kessie


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  1. Okay.. so I just remembered this website today and went on it to see what I used to say on here. AND OH MY HECK I’M ANNOYING. I’m sorry you had to deal with me for a whole year..

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