Chapter 1 – Place Value

Key Ideas:

  • Numbers have different values based on the place value they are in.
  • Each place value is 10x’s bigger when you move to the left, and 1/10 smaller when moved to the right.

Why is this important?

  • For comparing numbers especially! Imagine being offered $3 or $300. The three has moved two place values to the left, increasing the value of the three to three hundred! That part is easy to see, but what we are really trying to help you understand is that our number system is based on this simple pattern called powers of ten, or a tens based system. This allows you to have better understanding of other math concepts, such as multiplication and division, allowing you to do those types of problems quicker and more precise.


Whole Number Practice (5th Grade Standard – Billions)

Decimal Practice (5th Grade Standard – Thousandths)


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