Chapter 4 – Division

Zero Pattern Division:

1-Digit Divisor Practice:

2-Digit Divisor Practice:

LARGE Divisors Practice (Smartboard Game):


27 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Division

            1. Let’s start with perimeter, area, and volume of a rectangular prism. (Scroll to the bottom:

              And here is a game/practice for AREA and PERIMETER only:

              And for all three, a zoo designer:

              And if you want to get crazy with different equations to find out different volumes and areas of varying shapes, check this out:


          1. I made a geometry link under Math, so now there is a drop down for Chapter 13. Check out those, but you can also search and find some games you like and think are helpful. If you find cool things for geometry, post a comment under chapter 13.


    1. There is a spot, you can comment under the post from the math rotations. Also, look up double line and double bar graphs and watch a few tutorials on those tonight. It will take about 10-15 minutes.


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