3 thoughts on “Reading

  1. Ode To Internet
    Oh internet,
    How I love all the stuff you maake.
    Even though all the stuff you say is fake.
    All the memes you make like merio and sanic.
    It almost causes me to panic.

    You make chips called doritos awesome and epic.
    Like that one eye you made septic.
    Without you I would be sad and blue.
    But even blocks wont stop you.

    You make fandoms that everyone loves.
    You even make stuff super weird like rubber gloves.
    Even when were playing with are pets.
    We need you internet.

    Oh internet,
    I don’t have much more time to talk about you.
    So never stop all the stuff you do.
    Like lead people to salt lake.
    And they wanted to go to McDonalds.
    So they beat you with a rake.

    ~By, Jaden M Dickenson


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