Before the United States was settled by European settlers, the Native Americans inhabited this land. It is interesting to chart and follow history, especially when that history is your own. We all have an origin story, much like how superheros have an origin story of how they became a superhero.

In our case, we have an origin story of how we came to the United States. Perhaps it was not us who came here from another land, maybe it was our parents, grandparents, great-great grandparents or beyond. Whatever the case, many of us are here in this country because of choices our ancestors made, or events that cause them to come here. So here we are, in the year 2016, sitting in a classroom in Kennewick, Washington….together. One choice different made by our ancestors and we may not even be here together.

Use the links below to help you understand possibly where your ancestors originated from. Try both parents last name, or any relative’s last name to find out more about your origin story.

Try a few of these websites for best results.

You can even try googling, “Surname (your last name) origin and meaning”.


4 thoughts on “Heritage

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